Obesity Treatment

Expertise for prediabetes and obesity clinical research

Profil has a group of scientists with significant expertise in obesity and adiposity clinical research, with particular emphasis on comorbidities such as impaired glucose metabolism, dyslipidemia, and arterial hypertension.
Launching an obesity clinical trial with Profil’s Obesity & Prediabetes Department means working with scientists with unrivalled experience in diabetes and cardiometabolic research and expertise in nutritional sciences. Furthermore, the availability of the metabolic ward facilitates the conduct of comprehensive clinical trials focusing on body adiposity, either as a primary focus or as a means to improve glycemic control or other significant comorbidities.

Readily available, specific methodology enables the assessment of:
  • Anthropometric parameters
  • Body composition (radiation-free, BOD POD®)
  • Body fat distribution (MRI)
  • Liver fat content (MRS)
  • Resting metabolic rate (indirect calorimetry)
  • Nutrient-induced thermogenesis (indirect calorimetry)
  • Exercise-induced thermogenesis (spiroergometry)
  • Physical fitness (spiroergometry)
  • Total energy expenditure (doubly labeled water)
  • Functional Neuroimaging (fMRI)
  • Biomarker profiles in biological samples (blood samples; tissue biopsies)
  • Energy intake (buffet-style approach)
  • Hunger, appetite, fullness and satiety (VAS questionnaires)

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Obesity Treatment