The laser Doppler technique at Profil

At Profil, blood flow (BF) is assessed using laser Doppler flowmetry with the probe on the dorsal thenar site of the right hand. Measurements are performed with a continuous-wave laser light. The movement of erythrocytes causes a Doppler shift effect, which is analyzed after reflection for BF.
The parameters for measurement are the pre-ischemia BF (piBF) and maximal post-ischemia BF during reactive hyperemia (rBF) after 4.5 min of suprasystolic ischemia of the forearm. The reactive hyperemia reflects the endothelium-dependent vasoreactivity of the microcirculation.
Laser Doppler assessment is also used in the context of iontophoresis, local skin heating and sympathetic tests (cold pressure test/deep breath test).
The measured parameters are calculated automatically using commercially available software.


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