Support for innovative research

As part of our commitment to improving the quality of life and healthcare of people with diabetes and other metabolic diseases, we support our clients to explore the full range of diabetes treatment and prevention innovations taking into account the high diversity of disease trigger and pathogenetic traits (Figure 1).

Personalized healthcare for diabetes

Combining molecular profiling with the consideration of an individual’s traits, goals and preferences may optimize the precision fit of measures for diabetes prevention and treatment. The identification of patient-specific diabetes signatures and polypharmacy profiles promotes the implementation of more personalized treatments. Comorbidity-adjusted diabetes care acknowledges the high diversity in functional reserves and cognitive performances—factors that critically determine self-management capabilities, treatment benefit and the likelihood of hospitalization.

Profil has a large methodological portfolio for anthropometric, metabolic and cardiovascular assessments, and our clinical trials include careful monitoring of treatment effect modifiers, such as dietary and physical activity habits. Our database of potential trial subjects contains lifestyle and medical data and we are thus in regular contact with over 30,000 people representing the entire diversity of groups targeted by innovations in diabetes. We have benefitted greatly by listening to patients who have repeatedly participated in our studies.

We are active with the Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine (CBmed), which puts us in the position to connect our integrated service portfolio with advanced “omics” analytical platforms and provides access to the largest European biobanks and a digital pathology platform.



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"In Profil we found a partner, who can help us to define our needs in terms of study design and definition of target endpoints."

Cyril Seroussi, Clinical Operations Manager, Adocia