A full range of techniques for diabetes clinical trials

Profil has vast experience with a wide range of sophisticated investigational methods and techniques for clinical trials on diabetes, prediabetes and obesity. Whether you are performing studies on new or modified medications, medical devices, insulin alternatives or treatment regimes, Profil can support you.

ClampArt is Profil’s novel, proprietary, fully automated glucose clamp device, already well known in clinical diabetes investigations. Our experts work with the full range of glucose clamp settings. For example, we can assess the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of blood glucose-lowering agents, determine insulin sensitivity, investigate endogenous glucose production using the stable isotope dilution technique, and study β-cell function.

We also perform micro- and macrovascular evaluations of endothelial function using a range of techniques, including the laser Doppler method, flow-mediated dilation (FMD) and tonometry. Other aspects important for glucose lowering medication compounds can be investigated, including assessments of body composition (using BOD POD), energy expenditure (via indirect calorimetry), food intake (using free buffet with exact determination of food intake), metabolic fluxes (via tracer techniques) and adipose and muscle tissue biopsies. Naturally, all of the methods needed for safety assessments, including telemetry and spirometry are also available.

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ClampArt Device