Large patient database

As a clinical study center, Profil understands that a diabetes patient database must be extensive and kept up to date. Rapid enrollment or appropriate patients and healthy subjects is a key to the successful and timely completion of clinical trials.

To ensure in-time recruitment, Profil has developed a database of more than 27,000 patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and obese and lean healthy subjects.

To meet specific trial requirements, this database can be filtered for major in- and exclusion criteria including but not limited to medical history, laboratory data and concomitant medication (both ingredients and substance classes as coded by the WHO Drug Dictionary). Nine dedicated recruitment coordinators remain in close contact with potential study subjects to ensure that the database is always up to date.

Facts and Figures

  • Database with > 27,000 active entries

    > 12,000 with type 2 diabetes

    > 4,000 with type 1 diabetes

    > 10,000 healthy subjects including defined as obese

  • Records include medical history, lab data, BMI and medication (acc. to WHO Drug Dictionary)

  • Ethnic groups: Caucasians, Japanese


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