Inspirational and supportive leadership

For a research institution to achieve its potential, its executive team must cultivate a spirit of inspiration and support. While Profil has grown quickly in recent years, we are proud of the stability and approachability of our management. Our executive team are involved in our day-to-day research into diabetes and obesity, remaining in direct contact with their teams of medical, scientific and informatics experts. Since their goal has always been scientific excellence rather than rapid growth, they also inspire their teams to strive for excellence in all Profil does.

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Prof. Dr. Leona Plum-Mörschel

Chief Executive Officer

Prof. Dr. Leona Plum-Mörschel has over 15 years of experience in basic research, translational clinical research and early-phase clinical development in the field of obesity, diabetes, and metabolism. She joined Profil in 2010.

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