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Since 2005, Profil has been able to successfully complete clinical bridging studies involving over 200 healthy Asian subjects. We offer bridging studies with Japanese as well as Chinese volunteers and we are continuously expanding our capacities and our database of volunteers.

Currently our database contains over 300 volunteers holding a Japanese passport with Japanese parents and grandparents. In our database we have also recruited about 100 Chinese volunteers. The number of new volunteers is growing continuously and can easily be extended should the need arise.

Profil employs two research physicians with over 15 years of experience in ethno-bridging studies. In addition, we have Chinese- and Japanese-speaking research physicians, along with a native Japanese nursing staff that is involved in the performance of these trials.

Data from the Japanese clinical bridging studies performed at Profil have already been used for NDAs in Japan. The acceptance of our data by Japanese authorities considerably accelerated the approval process. In fact, according to a publication from the Japanese regulatory agency, approval times could be decreased from 56 months to 32 months using an ethno-bridging strategy. Considering the local concerns over the length of the Japanese approval process, this is a truly significant improvement. Profil is positive that the acceptance and approval of data from Chinese bridging studies will go equally well.

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"We are very happy with Profil’s recruitment capabilities, especially with the fast recruitment of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, which may be hard to find. We also made great experience with specific recruitment requirements for example with Japanese and Chinese study populations. "

Cyril Seroussi, Clinical Operations Manager, Adocia